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Dear Athletes and Parents,

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the 2013 Myrtle Beach Youth Track and Field Club season. My name is Clarence Richardson (Rich) and I am the Head Coach for the club that your son and/or daughter will be competing with.

We are a USA Track & Field (USATF) Youth Program for Boys and Girls who compete in age groups 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18. We are a registered club with the National USATF, and USATF South Carolina Association. We compete in SC State (Rock Hill SC), Region 3 (SC, GA, FL, meet location yet to be determined) this year, and National USATF Junior Olympics in Greensboro NC.


CoachRich0001.jpgUsually, the first question that most people have is, "who is the coach"?

I am a Retired Consultant in the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Industry and a U.S. Air Force Veteran (Law Enforcement/Air Intelligence) with 20 years of active and Federal Civil Service (Defense Finance/Accounting Administration)

I’ve lived in Myrtle Beach area since November 2011. I am originally from Columbus/Ft Benning, Georgia though as a military brat I’ve lived in different states and countries abroad, and lived in Denver, Colorado for 23 years. I like flying remote control helicopters, traveling, cycling, photography, ping-pong, and pool.

I am a Credentialed Coach in the USATF Coach’s Registry and the USATF Youth Program with National Background Checks for both programs. I received both my USATF Level 1 Coaching Education Certification and as well as my USATF Certified Official credentials in February 2013.I am CPR and First Aid certified and a member of the National Center for Sports Safety, and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

I've coached and assistant coached track and field in competitive programs at the youth, high school, collegiate, military, international, and Olympic level that include state, national, NCAA, International, and Olympic championships. I’ve also coach as pee-wee football, youth baseball, and adult softball teams in city, military, and international recreation programs and I’ve had a lot of fun and success doing it.

We had a stellar 2012 track season with 11 SC State Jr. Olympic (JO’s) champions, 5 set new state records, 28 qualify and compete in Region 4 JO’s, and 8 athletes qualify and compete in USATF JO Nationals with one athlete winning National American Honors, placing 4th in the Long Jump (9-10 age).

In Cross-Country we only had two athletes (Girls, 9-10 age group), but placed 1st and 3rd in SC State XC Jo’s in the 3k, and placed 5th and 11th at Region 4 (GA, SC, NC, VA, MD) JO Championships with personal records respectively. The duo also competed in the PNC 5k Race, placing 1st and 10th in the 14 year old and below age group.



Our first scheduled formal practice is:

 Tuesday, April 2nd/Thursday, April 4th at 5:30 p.m. Saturday practices when scheduled at 10 a.m.



Located on 3205 Oak Street Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. You will see the entrance to Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium on the left at Pepper-Geddings Recreation Center.


I believe a coach can be a very positive influence in a young person's life. I stress teamwork, responsibility, initiative, discipline, and a strong work ethic. Each athlete on the team is a vital part of the team and is my responsibility to nurture this in order to build a strong team.

Having coach track at the developmental, high school, collegiate, military, international, and elite level, I have learned as much from each athlete as I hope each athlete learned from me. These rich experiences have taught me so much, the most profound thing being that good coaching, teaching and leadership demand not only the technical, skill training and strategic planning aspects of the sport, but perhaps more importantly the personal, heart-related, affective aspects of coaching.

I take great pride in inspiring and motivating my athletes and coaches. I'm talking about teaching compassion, courage, fearlessness, tenacity, patience, respect, sacrifice, selflessness and how to compete with Heart. The most inspirational and heart-warming rewards for me in coaching youth track is to see young athletes with little hearts, train and compete with Big Hearts.



  1. LET THE KIDS HAVE FUN! My mantra is "If you aren't having fun then you are doing something wrong".  We are competitive to many aspects. We realize that Win/loss records are not as important as having an enjoyable experience is. If they enjoy it, they will come back next year and want to come to practice and meets. This does not mean we will let everyone goof off. Nobody likes to lose and it's not fun when you do. We learn from the loss and become better for it.
  2. DEVELOP A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY AND TEAMWORK WITHIN THE TEAM. This is a wonderful life lesson that the children need to be taught at a young age. Where appropriate to age groups, my staff and I will tell our athletes to take the responsibility for being to practice on time and ensuring they have all their gear. We will tell the athletes to remind their parents about practices and meets and ensure THEY GET THEIR PARENTS THERE ON TIME! Teamwork is critical to support teammates and learn to work together as a unit. Therefore, we must support our teammates and help everyone become strong and become more capable athletes.
  3. MAKE FRIENDS. I encourage bonding between players, coaches and families.
  4. DEVELOP BASIC TRACK & FIELD CONCEPTS AND SKILLS. Most athletes on the team have are new to the sport, therefore, we will be working on some basic concepts and rules. Some athletes will need to learn the proper techniques or mechanics of running, jumping or throwing, and their responsibilities on relays, as team mates, teamwork and rules of the sport. My goal is for every athlete to have competed in different events or relays by the end of the season.



  1. HAVE FUN!!!
  2. Come to practice and meets on time, with all your competition requirements, and be prepared to practice or compete. MAKE IT A HABIT NOT TO BE LATE.
  3. Support your teammates. Some kids are more skilled and developed than others. Stronger and older players should encourage younger players and help them improve. DO NOT CRITICIZE YOUR TEAMMATES, cheer them on instead!
  4. Respect your coaches. Sometimes, a coach might tell you something you don't like. However, put the team ahead of yourself. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  5. Respect the other team. Cheering when the other team makes a mistake is sportsmanship. Cheering when the other team makes a great play is good.
  6. TRY YOUR HARDEST. Everyone can't be the BEST ATHLETE. If you are in an event you don't like, do your best because the team is counting on you. Think of the team first and how you can help us win and have fun. Everyone will get a chance to compete.



  1. HAVE FUN!!!
  2. Have realistic expectations for your child. Not all Athletes are going to be the fastest, longest jumper or highest jumper. You might disagree with where your child is playing. My job is to place a child where the coaching staff feels he can best succeed and help the team as well as learn and have fun. All athletes will get to compete in the events they want to compete in.
  4. DON'T BE LATE. Make sure your child arrives to practices and meets on time. Make sure you have their proper running shoes/clothes for your child before you leave the house. 
  1. LET THE COACHES COACH. There is nothing more confusing to a child than to have his coach tell him one thing and his parent tell him another. This is your time to sit back and be a cheerleader for the team and your child. If you want to coach let me or our staff know.
  2. Support the staff. We are going to be together for the entire season and quite possibly a number of years. We are all working toward the same goal. We depend on you as much we want you to depend on us.
  3. ACT LIKE AN ADULT! Remember, this is only a game. Don't take it too seriously. No 7 year old athlete has ever signed a pro contract. Do not argue or make negative comments to other parents, coaches, or officials. Especially in front of the athletes. It is embarrassing and disrespectful to the athletes and only makes them hate the sport. This sport and club is for the kids, not us.
  4. If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with me, please do it before or after practice in a private setting. Taking up an issue with me before or after a game is never appropriate. I will be very busy and emotions often run high during this time. It is my experience that nothing productive comes from it.
  5. The team's success is determined by the involvement of everyone to make our kid’s experience a positive one. If asked to help during track meets or practice, please do. Be a good role model & a good sport.
  6. Play with your child. Have fun and work on the technique or mechanics drill of the week. I will be publishing the practice objectives for the week on the web so you can work on those if you want. Links to explanations will be there also. Let's not burn the kids out, so have some fun too and skip if your child isn’t having fun, and/or inform the coach if competing in multiple sport activities.
  7. I expect to have a great group of parents this year but I am informed that parental violence can be a problem sometimes. I’m sure you’ll agree that ANY VIOLENCE, THREATS OF VIOLENCE, INTIMIDATION, OR ANY OTHER THREATENING BEHAVIOR toward any member of the coaching staff or team will not be tolerated in any form. Such occurrences are grounds for immediate dismissal from the team. There are no second chances. This policy is extended to parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, uncles or any adult associated with an athlete on the team.



  1. We will have fun!!!
  2. We will treat your child with fairness, firmness and respect.
  3. We will be to meets and practices on time and be prepared to coach.
  4. We will never degrade your child.
  5. We will constructively correct behavior that we feel is inappropriate.
  6. We will praise good hard play.
  7. We will not allow athletes to pick on their teammates.
  8. We will not use profanity.
  9. We will teach basic track and field concepts and not emphasize the need to win at all costs. However, we will teach that it's better to win through hard work.
  10. We will keep you informed about all issues as soon as we are given the information from the club and try to keep the team WEB site updated.
  11. The head coach has final say on all team matters!



You will need to have the items below at all practices AND track meets. Don't forget them.

  1. Running/training shoes
  2. Competition spikes/shoes (If you have them Good, but not required till after April 30)
  3. On Cold Day Practices (Sweat or Warm-up Tops & Bottoms)
  4. Water bottles


We have three dedicated Volunteer Assistant Coaches (Coach Chrissie, LJ/Relays; Coach Bratton, Middle Distance/Distance; Coach Chris, HJ) and three other Volunteer Coaching Assistants (Thom Van Demark, Shot/Discuss; Rico Perez, Distance; Valetta Burgess, Sprints/Relays, and we expect t have several other coaching assistant volunteers this year, but because of personal and career responsibilities not all are available for all practices nor to attend all meets

So - We are always in need of reliable volunteers to help as assistant coaches or coaching assistants. Though I am typically available for every practice, keep in mind that we have 75 or more kids in seven different age groups with multiple skill and experience levels training for and competing in multiple events.

 Although I will make every effort to make all the practices and games, there is the possibility that I will be sick, unavailable, or practice will dictate the need to divide multiple age/skill level groups into different training and/or workouts schedules.

The assistant coach(s) (Yes, I need multiple) will help during practice and will enable the kids to get the maximum attention, teaching, and coaching, as well as fill in for me if I'm out. The assistant coaches or coaching assistants, when appropriate will also help during track meets to coach or prepare kids for their events.

If I am going to be absent, I'll have the practice planned out in advance to lower your workload and take the guesswork out of things. History has shown that Moms can coach as well as Dads, so I welcome both. We’ve had several parents who attend practices that do help in this aspect, and it does make a difference.

We will also need a team parent to coordinate things like team pictures, snack schedules, and other team events. The more the better. I anticipate a wonderful and fun season and I am looking forward to coaching the 2013 Myrtle Beach Track and Field Team.

For all the latest information on our schedule, events, photo's and late breaking news on the team, point your web browsers to and “Like Us” on Facebook. We'll try to keep it updated with our schedule and other events. Go there today and send your e-mail address to the coach and/or administrative staff.

Help us by providing your e-mail and/or phone numbers. It will save me time and expense when communicating with you. We have found that text and email messaging to be effective and efficient to communicate last-minute announcements or emergency communications when necessary.

Yours in Track & Field,

Coach Rich

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